Metallurgical valve

AO “Mirny atom” offers shut off and control valves from the leading European manufacturers designed for installation at pipelines of refinery and production companies of oil-gas, chemical and petrochemical industries, and thermal power plants. 

The offered valves meet the existing national standards of Russia, requirements and regulations of Gosgortechnadzor, applied to the valves designed for operation in danger conditions of chemical, petrochemical, oil refining and related industries. 

Wedge gate valves   DN25÷1200 PN16÷400
Ball valves  DN25÷1000 PN16÷250
Check valves  DN25÷1400 PN16÷160
Butterfly valves  DN50÷200 PN16÷40
Slide gate valves  DN25÷800 PN10÷16

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