Ballast water management system

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The company "Mirny atom" JSC, being the official representative of the manufacturer, offers the ballast water management system Seascape-BWMS.
The entry into force of the International Convention for the Control and Management of Ships' Ballast Water and Sediments from September 8, 2017 (BWM Convention 2004) necessitates 20-40 modernizations of ships per day worldwide. Many ships have ballast tanks in which water is available to provide the appropriate mass, balance and stability. When unloading the vessel, the ballast tanks are filled with water. When carrying out the loading, the water from the ballast tank is removed. Ballast is an important element for the safe and efficient operation of modern maritime transport, ensuring the stability of ships. However, ballast water can pose a serious threat to both nature and human health. And if the vessel can not provide ballast water treatment in accordance with BWM 2004 standards, then water must remain on board. At the same time, because of the weight of the ballast water, less cargo can be loaded on board the vessel. That will lead to economic losses and for one ship losses can be estimated at tens of millions of rubles

The proposed Seascape-BWMS ballast water management system is the best solution for the implementation of the BWM 2004 Convention
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