Shot blast machines

Shot blast machines, equipment for metal surface preparation 
Every year the modern equipment providing for better surface preparation and application of protection coating becomes more commonly used. This equipment includes a shot blast machine designed for descaling and surface preparation before painting. Our company is a Russian representative of the well-known European manufacturer - «STEM D.o.o.», Slovenia. Their equipment operates successfully at number of Russian enterprises, such as “RUSAL”, OAO “Pervouralsky novotrubny zavod”, OAO “KAMAZ” and other foundry, forging and steel works, mechanical and manufacturing plants.        

List of the supplied equipment:

  • Throughput shot blast machines, horizontal with roll conveyors for sheet and profiled products – for workpieces of up to 1200 х 3500 mm cross section and  15 000 mm length;
  • Throughput shot blast machines, vertical with a monorail conveyor and hooks for complex workpieces and heavy welded constructions  – up to 1500 х 2500 mm cross section;
  • Shot blast chambers for pipes  (30 – 1600 mm diameter);
  • Hook shot blast chambers (chamber dimensions: up to 1500х2500 mm)
  • Tumble shot blast machines for small workpieces  (feeding capacity from 50 up to 2100 kg)
  • Automatic throughput blasting/priming lines with a conveyor system providing for  up to 3m/min velocity of painting/drying;
  • Throughput plants for metal degreasing and drying (designed for usage before painting and shot blasting)
  • Shot blast chambers (for large-sized workpiesces with length up to 30 meters), upon customer request short blast chambers can be completed with a required number of  shot blasters, rail track with trolley with a required load-carrying capacity, filtering system, set of scrappers for automatic shot collection etc.

We fulfill a preliminary design and select equipment on a basis of the specific process tasks of the customer – i.e. workpieces dimensions, required capacity etc.
Our company is ready to offer you the separate units as well as a “turn key” fully automatic finishing line – degreasing (if required), shot blasting, protection coating, drying , all united in one conveying system and controlled from a central control panel. 


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